The Legions Reborn: The Onus Apostasy WikiEdit

Welcome to The Legions Reborn: The Caligulan Cataclysm. This project is a team effort, replacing the 18 Legions of the Canon Horus Heresy, with 18 of our own, including our own Warmaster, Gaius Caligula, lord of the XIIIth Legiones Astartes, the Consuls Exemplar. His position as the Warmaster leads the Imperium down a very different path than Horus's appointment did, as the Imperium is dragged into its most Cataclysmic period.

The Caligulan CataclysmEdit

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The Legions Edit

1st - The Night Sentinels

2nd - The Wild Hunt

3rd - The Claws of Xipac

4th - The Star Guardians

5th - Sirens of Kastar

6th - The Blood Angels - Purged from Imperial Records

7th - Gryphon Knights

8th - Kraken Lords

9th - The Kindred

10th - The Light Bringers

11th - The Ashen Crows

12th - The Void Walkers

13th - The Consuls Exemplar

14th - The Storm Raptors

15th - The Dusk Raiders

16th - The Scorpus Crusaders

17th - The Dragon Lords

18th - The Long Xi

19th - The Word Bearers - Purged from Imperial Records

20th - The Phoenix's Legacy

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